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Phage UK's growing network already comprises over 45 clinicians from 15 different regions of the UK and a steering group of 18 clinicians actively working to make phage therapy an approved medicine in the UK. 


Partners - everything related to phages provides information and resources to those interested in bacteriophages and phage therapy across a diversity of fields and industries, as well as the general public. There are articles covering general information, research, events and press releases, as well as online directories of phage banks, bacteriophages products worldwide and contact information for phage therapy across the globe. 

The Citizen Phage Library (


The CPL was established as a Phage Biobank within the UK for provision of clinical phages obtained through Citizen Science. Citizens collect samples from environmental samples, which are sent back to the laboratory for processing to isolate phages that infect World Health Organisation critical priority pathogens. Together with national sampling by the Environment Agency, citizen samples are screened for rapid, on-demand isolation and characterisation of phages against clinical targets for urgent, personalised treatment of patients with drug-resistant infections. The CPL provides an open-source, low-cost template for establishing a national phage library as a social enterprise that can be replicated in countries where resources are limited.

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