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At Phage-UK, we are preparing to :

  • Build a large network of clinicians and help establish a standardised way forward for the wider use of phage therapy on a named-patient basis, to provide for patients whose infections no longer respond to antibiotics.

  • Centralise expertise and data gained from the network, to help design clinical trials which will lead to the use of phages as a licensed medicine, helping patients long before they run out of treatment options.

  • Connect clinicians to the right research groups, companies and institutes to facilitate the logistics of phage therapy administration.

  • Inform patients on phage therapy and their options for access to phages.

For clinicians


Phage UK will establish and share with the clinicians from its network, a clear and standardised protocol to obtain the necessary approvals, find the right bacteriophages before treating and following-up the patient in a traceable manner.

For academics


Phage UK will help connect academics with clinicians, central  bacteriophage banks and manufacturing facilities, to collectively enable the quick identification and production of suitable bacteriophages to provide life saving treatment to patients with antibiotic resistant infections..

For patients


Phage-UK is aiming to help patients who have exhausted all options to fight their bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics: understand phage therapy ; find out whether it is suitable for them and understand how phage therapy can be available for patients in the UK.

Go to our contact page to join our network of clinicians or academics,
or find out if bacteriophage therapy 
could be suitable for you.  
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