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Antibiotic resistance is human health's next biggest threat.

“If the world fails to mount a more serious effort to fight infectious diseases, antimicrobial Resistance will increasingly threaten to send the world back to a pre-antibiotic age. Our grandparents lived in an era without effective antibiotics. We don’t want the same for our grandchildren.”

Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Director General, World Health Organisation


In 2022, antibiotic resistance is already killing over 1.2m people each year around the world.


The WHO has estimated that this could reach 10m people annually by 2050 and become the leading cause of mortality, taking over from cancer. 


Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to commonly used antibiotics. 

70% of bacteria are now resistant to at least one antibiotic. 


Very few new antibiotics have been developed since the 1990's, and any new antibiotic is bound to lead to resistance shortly after reaching the market. 

Alternatives to antibiotics, such as bacteriophages, are a necessity to ensure mankind can continue to benefit from the efficacy of antibiotics long term.  

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